Leakage huts, full of darkness, no electricity, lack of food, lack of drinking water and no work too. The cyclone named Mandous brought a great tragedy. Very heavy rainfall occurred in Andhra Pradesh. People who have been rendered homeless, have not only lost their homes but also their livelihoods. Since most of the people (Tribal Communities) are living in huts, they lost their homes and they need to rebuild again. Since they are daily wagers, they are striving to fulfill their stomach too. Our team did a quick survey and approached Donatekart and decided to distribute a dry ration kit.


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Villages (Appapuram, Mallikarjuna Nagar, Typhoon Shelter, Anjaneya Nagar, Sundar Nagar, Bomb Nagar, Venkateswara Colony, Tataiah Colony) in Singarayakonda Mandal, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh- 523 101.

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Due to the heavy rainfall we are unable to resume our daily work. We are daily wagers. So, its very hard to complete a day at that time. GRAPES did more welfare activities in our area (Mallikarjuna Nagar, Singarayakonda). This dry ration kit helped us a lot. We can survive more than a week and hope we will get back to the normal. Thank you so much for helping us with this dry ration kit . Not only us, the whole village is satisfied now. Thank you so much.
Beneficiary , Mallikurjananagar (Singarayakonda)

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Amazon & Donatekart

We predicted the rainfall and stored some of the wood to cook. But, we are daily wagers and it is not possible to work in rainy. Because, Our work includes bird hunting, wood cutting, guarding gardens, cleaning utensils in towns etc. So, its been very hard to complete a day. This dry ration will full fill our stomach and we can survive for 15 days. Thanks to the Grapes Organization. Hope you people will do the same on coming days. Now we are strong. Thank you.
Chevuri Seshamma
Beneficiary, Typhoon Shelter (Sinngarayakonda)