Everyone in the earth especially human beings are facing earthquakes, heavy rain fall environmental degradation, climate change, and epidemics and pandemics. Its natural occurs anywhere annually. In recently 2019 particularly in south Idia in Andhra Pradesh coastal region Titli cyclone placed at srikakulam & some more district in Andhra Pradesh are highly effected. Nearly uncountable huts, electric poles, domestic animals, roads are blocked. Communication system is totally damaged. Grapes had visited coastal region and distributed free clothes and provisional needs. Grapes team served nearly 415 families.

We served some essential needs  drinking water bottles , free medicine & packed food which is good to store for two days, other urgent supplies and survival kits were provided. The aim was to reach to as many people as possible. On the same month due to the GAJA cyclone nearly 11 district heavily destroyed 

GRAPES has acted promptly to reach out and respond to the immediate needs of the disaster affected people. On that time grapes team had played a active role to help the needy with basic essential needs to bringing back  them lead their life normally. Grapes organized Awareness sessions in crowd in the middle of affected victims, about on how to be safe from water borne diseases and follow healthy habits to be safe from diseases were attended by both men and women time to time. On everyday basis grapes had supplies free medicines.

Recent Mandous Cyclone