STEM Education & Daycare

The beginning of empowerment starts with an education

Rural Education Development Program (REDP)

STEM Education & Daycare Centre For 45 Children

Empowering tribal children through quality education and leadership skills

GRAPES “Rural Education Development Program (REDP)” has been working for 19 years to ensure quality elementary education for children, especially girls and those from minority communities, to help them become the leaders and changemakers of the future. 

We see education as an imperative tool for girls to realize their maximum potential by gaining crucial skills and dispositions that set them on the path of social and economic empowerment. Our programmes and projects work through building learning ecosystems that are inclusive, gender conscious, and safe for all. Our education initiatives work in accordance with the Right to Education Act (2009) and National Education Policy 2020. Also,  We are running free tuition centers (After School) for tribal children with nutrition food & snacks.

Gender Equality

Safety & Security of Children

Social & Emotional Wellbeing of Children

Our main goal is “To develop rural school children to study & educate well with interest and without any fear, in their spare time by special coaching methods.”

Influencing Stories From Ground

My name is Venkateshwari. My parents are Jalamma, Rajaya. I am in third grade. My parents were day laborers. Our parents used to go to work before I woke up and I used to go with our parents before joining the tuition. But, after joining in the tuition, I found my friends there and I am very happy to study with my friends. I was also given a free sandals and sweater. We are also given snacks after tuition. I really like egg puff. I came to tuition regularly.

I will be well educated and grow up to be a good officer. My goal is to turn my parents around in the car and bring a good name to our tuition.

My name is Revanth, I am studying 4th standard. My father name is dasu and my mother name is mariyamma. I have two younger sisters and one younger brother. I joined little late in GRAPES Tuition center. In Tuition, Everyday, finishing our home work and learning english are our tasks.

I am very happy that, Teacher & GRAPES Team are running free tuition centre for us. I would like to study well and become a teacher and Educating our village children is my aim.

My name is Akhila and I am promoted to fourth standard. Me and my sister used to went to GRAPES Tuition center. Unlike all tuition centers, it is free of cost and they never asked a fee. Also, we learned some proverbs in our tuition. I like those very much. Before joining the tuition, no one helped us to complete our home work (H.W) because of our parents are not educated.

One day GRAPES team came to our home and requested our parents to join me in tuition. I used to go to tuition daily without any break with my sister. After joining in tuition, With the help of teacher, we are completig our home works easy. I would like to be a police officer.

Empowering Education In Tribal Locations

Due to many reasons, including social taboo, inaccessibility, violent situations, child labour, assisting the parents to take care of toddlers and lack of awareness among the parents, the children of the village do not get a chance to go to school. The project aims to promote primary education of the poor tribal children. In addition to this, the project strives to improve the quality of formal education for children in the tribal belts of appapuram , tpnagar village. Promoting health and healthy practices among the rural tribal children is also a part of the project. 

Now a days people in tribal are lack of awareness about population why because they don’t have an knowledge about giving birth to their new one for them has become an endless struggle to survive the families so, they sending their elder child work as a labor to earn and leading their lives still. Then the parent sending remaining  younger to work in childhood stage on wards simply the parents  cycling everyday to earn their daily bread. Lack of awareness about the importance of education in them grapes had interact those families with door to door campaign trying to bringing back to school life.   Children dreams are very big.

Grapes highly concentrating education dropouts in slums, rural, tribal  & coastal area in the grass root level. Conducting awareness to their parents about education,  interacting with families everyday. GRAPES conducting tuition on everyday basis also providing nutrition food.

Education gives zeal knowledge,  better life , empowers his/her livelihood & social behavior in the society