19 years in India

Major Milestones 

2004 - 2008
Awareness Programs & Support for Flood Relief Victims

GRAPES Organization was born to reach the unreached in India. Taking the four major categories Education, Health, Environment & Social Activities into account GRAPES successfully completed various activities & awareness programs with the help of local donations & land lords and got happy beneficiaries in return.

2009 - 2013
Implementation Partner, Focused on Tribal Areas
Small Steps For Large Change

Not only awareness but also activities. GRAPES started identifying the actual issues and serving for the genuine beneficiaries. Takes part as an implementation partner for the various projects like construction of community halls, toilets, borewells etc. 90% of the beneficiaries are Tribal (Rural) surrounded by the Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh. GRAPES strive to bring joious life to tribal.

2014 - 2018
Food, Clothes Distribution For Flood Victims
Rapid Response For Rural

Cyclones like Gaja, Titli laboured. GRAPES Team served free clothes, food to the victims. Thousands of beneficiaries are benefitted.

GRAPES got beneficiaries from the neighbor state named Tamil Nadu. GRAPES Team went to the village named Pattathikaadu, Pudukottaii District, Tamil Nadu and served free grocery kits to the victims.

Not only south, but also north, GRAPES Team went to Srikakula District and served daily essentials, grocery kits along with pair of clothes to the needy.

Also, clothes distribution for school children, Educating children parents, Empowering women, SHG Groups, Plantation etc. were done. GRAPES got huge positive response from the public and from beneficiaries too. Keeping our vision & mission as our goal, We are trying to fulfill every aspect.

Also, GRAPES conducted free Health care camps in tribal areas with the help of CMCI, Chennai. Gave awareness about clean & green, keeping village hygiene, importance of education.

With the assist of Clothes Box Foundation, GRAPES distributed free clothes to the tribal families around prakasam district.

During these time period thousands of beneficiaries were benefitted. 

2019 - 20..
Pandemic (COVID-19), Education in Tribal, Women
A To Z in Covid Crisis

GRAPES strongly decided to assist every during the pandemic days. Following all safety protocols, we got around 1 lakh+ happy beneficiaries.

Mostly, 90% of our beneficiaries are tribal. GRAPES distributed free Dry Ration Kits to 1500+ families in Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh. GRAPES Team distributed Hot meals for migrants, road side people, beggers, to those who were hungry or in needy of food.

Conducted uncountable awareness programes to get rid of the pandemic. Not only food items, Also distributed masks & sanitizers, Fruits & vegetables too.

From a drop of sanitizer to Dry ration kit, GRAPES identified actual & genuine beneficiaries to not to waste one. We distributed free Blankets for the people who sleeps on road side, Old people etc. in winter season. Major programs like Meals on Wheels, Sanitary Napkin, Mask & Sanitizer distribution to the needy, Cycling Education in Tribal families.

Not only the above, lot of welfare activities, programes were completed. 

Grapes had a special focus on Auto Rickshaw drivers and their efforts. So, We decided to give Dry ration kits to Autowalaas. 

Donors who helped in these crises are Jiv Daya Foundation, Clothes Box Foundation, Goonj, Kriti Social Initiatives, Spoorthi Foundation etc. 

While international donors includes Jiv Daya Foundation, The Ontario Catholic Teachers Association.