Feminine Napkin Drive


Menstrual Hygiene for every HER !! Reaching the unreached. #1mpadrive Through this initiative we guys are aiming to distribute 1 million Sanitary Napkins to the School children, Tribal, Slums Every Women in need. Join with us in this prestigious initiative, Give a Pad Now >>>  
During Menstruation, Most Girls in India do not using sanitary napkins and especially in slum and tribal areas due to the lack of info and knowledge they were still using cloth, newspapers, grass and some unhygienic materials. This causes severe infections and risk. It is estimated that 80% of girls in India were still lack of pads. 
9 out of 10 girls are still not aware about the menstruation and menstrual cycles. Only thing is lack of awareness. Even if any one know among them, She is not opening the mouth to spread & share about it.
For every 30 Rupees that you donate, we will purchase one packet of sanitary napkins that contain 8 pads. This packet of sanitary napkins will be distributed for free to girls in Govt. schools, slums…
Our mission is to raise awareness on gender issues and bring it out in the open. Through our programs, we teach young girls that their menstrual cycles are natural, a sign of good reproductive health and is something they have in common with girls in countries worldwide!
Furthermore, we hold sessions with the mothers of the girls to bring the topic of menstruation out into the open, allow them to ask questions and look at menstruation for the natural and healthy process it is.
Through our programs, we aim to improve the health and the quality of life for girls and women across the country and we need your support to reach 1 Million girls with sanitary products this year.