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Our Response Towards COVID-19

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Dry Ration Kit Distribution To The Vulnerable Families- Prakasam District


As we are all well aware about the current pandemic situation (COVID-19). We came forward to help to Tribal families who were badly affected. They went to work every day to earn some money to full fill their stomach. But, now due to lock down there is no work for them and it’s been difficult to run their families. The bad thing here is they used to take their children to work with themselves. We (GRAPES) focused on those families to educate the children and currently we are running a couple of tuition centers also. But, taking the current situation into account we decided to distribute dry ration kits to the affected families.

Focused Area: Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh


Following COVID Protocols, We (GRAPES) are planning to distribute Dry Ration Kits to the affected families.

The Dry Ration Kit contains the following items…

  1. Rice (10kg)
  2. Wheat-flour (5kg)
  3. Chana Dal (1kg)
  4. Moong daal/ Toor dal (1kg)
  5. Refined Oil (1L)
  6. Sugar/jiggery (1kg)
  7. Chilli powder (100 gms)
  8. Turmeric (100 gms)
  9. Potato (5 kg)
  10. Onion (2.5 kg)
  11. Soya bean chunks (500 gms)
  12. Salt (1kg)

Already we are distributing Dry Ration kits but, Need your support too. Kindly join with us in this prestigious initiative. Surely, We can able to bring a new smile on their face by eliminating hunger.


What We Do:

  • Our team will create awareness on COVID to Tribal Families (Illiterates)
  • We will be successful on making them to stay in their homes.
  • We will be successful on Eliminating Hunger.

To Eliminate hunger and make tribal families to survive during this dangerous pandemic situations is our main motive.