Let’s Make Their Dreams Come True

Appapuram is one of the village located in Singarayakonda Mandal at Pakasam district Andhra Pradesh. GRAPES choose to conducting educational program for children’s because no. of dropout is placed in a week basis lack of education importance to their parents, financial, caste issue etc.. GRAPES had conducted educational awareness to the school going & dropout families and bringing back to school life.They are conducting study hours for Standard 1 to 5. So many dreams in little hearts to become like Artist, teaching, police, doctor, lawyer etc,, Padma, & Naveen teaches in a friendly way and has a kind behavior towards children.
Their attempt is to feeding the children every day of children in tribal & rural areas through bring back to school life program to set a goal & helping them to achieve India who lack the means, but, have the zeal to learn and achieve. By feeding them two times a day, they give them the nourishment and motivation they need to pursue an education for a better future. It is their endeavor to reach out to every child at the grass root level of the society.They need to feed of free of cost to the children who are attending tuition in regular basis with minimum less than 85 % of attendance at the same time GRAPES need to provide some products listed to the families who are poor & living in tached huts with not having minimum facilities to lead their life normally with your support.They will be gifted these products at free of cost to the families who are sending their children to the tuition regularly at end of every month with reaching the 85% of attendance.

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