In the planet of earth every human being have three types of basic needy like food, clothes and shelter essential. But still the problem yet not finding a solution.

  • Our GRAPES had took apart in distribution of clothes to the poor people. Not only this we can help the poor in motivating them in some ways like…
  • Give them support: A good way to help poor people is to give them a hand or a hug. Give them moral support, show love, respect and make them aware that someone really cares about them.
  • Give them economic support: Ordinal people can help poor people by giving economic support. We can help them to solve problem with living. For an example, they need to get meals for their family, a place to live or some clothes.
  • Give them groceries: Give groceries to poor people. They can’t even afford a meal for themselves or their family. Don’t waste food, it is better to give it to those that need it the most.
  • Give them old belongings: To help poor people, is to give them old things, such as old clothes, old furnitures or other old things. Clothes is a big help for poor people especially in the winter season.
  • Education: Knowledge can help the poor people to stand on their own feet. To give them free education can help them to grow as individuals, help them to live a better life, help them to get a job, and to build a career. But it can also help the poor people to develop their skills.